Did you get any great photos at the Talent Show?
Fri, Jan 26 6:15am
Escondido Elementary

Dear Escondido Parents, Teachers, Staff,

Did you get a great photo at the Talent Show? Do you have some great photos from this school year? The 2017-2018 Yearbook Team needs them!

Use the email addresses listed below to send in your photos and THANK YOU for helping make this year’s yearbook the best ever!

-The Yearbook Team

p.s. If you are sending photos taken on a phone, sending the photo in “large” size is good.  You will receive a confirmation email from box.com if the photo was uploaded successfully.


Please email your photos to:

Kindergarten Kinderg.erjg0ddzh1qke72p@u.box.com

1st grade 1st_Gra.32du579keltn0a0b@u.box.com

2nd grade 2nd_Gra.sy5xb7gf55pu802z@u.box.com

3rd grade 3rd_Gra.mmrij7k4xfm3fsld@u.box.com

4th grade 4th_Gra.tp1m5j2uok71fs2u@u.box.com

5th grade 5th_Gra.qd1v8jegnvmvk7on@u.box.com

First day and week of school First_D.yad88njg4y9isrq4@u.box.com

Halloween and Spooky Hop Spooky_.vldungjuvnv4c6ab@u.box.com

Inclusive schools, Penny Power, Community Service Inclusi.3ma1lskl9f3ft5zx@u.box.com

Talent Show Talent_.nquzeurq2o71a4st@u.box.com

Black History Month Black_H.m87r7yygyustimdu@u.box.com

Science Fair, Ask a Scientist, Family Science Night Science.ufalv44gfbf2yyn8@u.box.com

Ice Skating Party Ice_Ska.cd2qhdkrrfqehjc1@u.box.com

International Fair Interna.7ms2wwxpyzrilwv8@u.box.com

Sprouts, Farmers Market, Earth Week, Green Team and

Outings club Sprouts.asnknxy3wa7zuwj5@u.box.com

Teacher and Staff Appreciation Teacher.gsyf2alpuxe7f0jn@u.box.com

Noon Sports, Recess and Lunch Noon_Sp.nbpeyq24rih40dw4@u.box.com

5th grade events:

American Revolution America.81sccpj4teas4r8g@u.box.com

Mt Hermon Trip Mt_Herm.d09zmeu1fmpdu603@u.box.com

Mexico Trip SI_Mexi.kbisya14fi02mryd@u.box.com


Or, if you just have some really great schoolwide candid shots (that defy categorization) of Escondido (students, teachers, staff, parents, etc.), we want those too!  Please send them to: Schoolw.rt6r92jrx5pr5tv9@u.box.com