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  • YOGA & MINDFULNESS WITH SHEILA - Monday mornings at 8am. Open to all Escondido students - Zoom:
  • UNITY DAY - Wednesday, November 4
  • VETERANS DAY - Wednesday, November 11 - NO SCHOOL 


  • Monday, November 9th - 4th and 5th GRADE FIRST DAY BACK - for hybrid students, 7:55-8:10am (first bell 8:05, second bell 8:10).
  • RECESS & LUNCH SUPERVISION NEEDED!!!! - Our teachers need help supervising kids during breaks so that they can regroup, organize, and take bathroom breaks. Please volunteer to help your class here! Kinder & 1st SIGN UP   2nd & 3rd SIGN UP


  • Daily schedules for Full Distance Learning - link here
  • Daily schedules for Hybrid Model - link here


  • DAILY HEALTH CHECK-IN BEFORE SCHOOL  The district launched ParentSquare as the new return to campus student health screener tool. This screener MUST be completed every day before the student can come onto the campus. Parents will access the screener by logging into their Rapid ID page.
  • LIMIT PARTICIPATION IN OTHER PROGRAMS For the health of the Escondido community/staff/families, and at the direction of the County of Santa Clara, children in the hybrid program may participate in only one other program at a time and may not move from one program to another more than once every three weeks. This is to limit exposure between groups.
    • Children/youth cannot attend more than one childcare program, after-school program, or other child/youth activity within the same three-week period.
    • For children/youth enrolled in K-12 school, this means they can attend school and one additional before- or after-school program or activity.


  • COMMUNICATIONS AND CLASS VOLUNTEERS Due to re-grouping of classes with distance and hybrid learning, the PTA will be reorganizing Konstella over the next several weeks to enable communications to each group, and re-aligning our room parent volunteers with their kids’ new classes. We’ll be communicating with you over the upcoming weeks to let you know of new ways to connect with your fellow parents, and we welcome any new room parent volunteers - contact Rachel at if you are interested in becoming a room parent for your class.


CASSY: Parenting and Supporting Youth During Covid-19

CASSY is putting on a free webinars for parents struggling to support their kids during COVID and to help families as they transition to new schedules. We will be providing specific interventions to support parents. Flyer for webinar with links to register (download flyer

  • Friday 11/06/20 6-7:30 pm
    Laurel Vandiver, LMFT #121235 Lisa Miller LMFT #48946

If anyone needs help registering, contact Alice Bui at


ESCONDIDO PTA is endorsing VOTE YES on Measure O!!! Measure O renews the existing parcel tax to support PAUSD schools. This parcel tax is CRITICAL as it provides over $15M of annual funding for Palo Alto schools. And, our schools need the certainty of this funding now more than ever as their budgets have been severely impacted because of COVID. Only 25% of Palo Alto residents have kids in schools, so visibility and your advocacy can help. If you are willing to put up a yard sign supporting Measure O, send an email with your address to  and we’ll deliver and place the sign. For more information please visit:  
Check that you are Registered to Vote! One quick action you can take RIGHT NOW is to make sure you are actually registered to vote. We have found that people THINK they are registered to vote but aren't. Grab your driver's license and head over to When you're done, sign up for BallotTrax to make sure your vote was received and counted! Thank you for your civic engagement!

**NEW**CAMPAIGN COUNTDOWN: The PiE Challenge Grant Returns!

If you have been waiting to complete your PiE donation for the year, the time has come. Generous donors have offered up a special Campaign Countdown challenge grant, and will match donations up to $210,000 through November 16. Support our students by donating to PiE. If you have already given or pledged, thank you so much. Every dollar makes a difference.

Donate or pledge today, and double your impact




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PTAC School Board Candidate Forums


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The PTA Council and all 17 PTAs support Yes On O! For almost 20 years, our local parcel tax has generated over $15 million in locally-controlled funding to keep our schools strong. This essential local funding is set to expire. Vote YES on Measure O, a parcel tax renewal measure that has been placed on the November 2020 ballot to ensure our schools continue receiving critical funding.


NOT REGISTERED, no ballot, or ballot messed up? You can fix this when you vote in-person. DEADLINE:  8pm, Tuesday, November 3. This close to Election Day, official ballot drop boxes are quicker and safer than mail. Drop boxes go directly to the Registrar of Voters, avoiding any mail delays. Vote in the county you live in! LOCATIONS & MORE: [Santa Clara County]  [San Mateo County] California State PTA Supports Prop 15 and Prop 16. Thank you for voting!

Rethinking Adulthood: A Neurodiverse Trajectory

Thursday, November 12, 7-8:30pm

ZOOM info sent the day before the event; please RSVP at

What does it mean to be an adult? How is the transition to adulthood addressed in neurodiverse populations? Neurodivergent educator Amy Faigin will explore the social and emotional elements of this transition and how we can better support our students and children through this process. REEL, the Palo Alto CAC and PTA Council are proud to co-host this event for parents and educators. Questions:

Get Your FLU SHOTS NOW Before They Run Out of Flu Vaccine

With two serious respiratory viruses circulating this year it's especially important to protect ourselves and our families as much as we can.  Flu shots are now available, but may be in short supply this year because of the current pandemic and higher demand for flu vaccines this year, so speak to your family physician or pharmacist about getting your seasonal flu shot now. CDC message on the Flu Vaccine

Safe Routes to School

Walk and Roll to School 2020

No matter your learning environment, families, neighborhoods, and schools are invited to participate in Walk to School celebrations this year. During the ensuing weeks as more grades open, consider these 20 ideas to help encourage your school to celebrate Walking to School in 2020 

SAFE USE OF TECHNOLOGY - Children and Distance Learning

Navigate the challenges of increased and unavoidable digital usage during distance learning: Click Here to learn a few, easy-to-use tips to safeguard children’s health by maintaining safe use of technology at home. Fact sheet, references and research from best practices from children’s digital study environments: American Academy of Pediatrics, Mayo Clinic, Harvard health study, Environmental Health Trust, Parents for Safe Technology, Children’s Screen time Action Network, Commonsense Media, Apple and Microsoft Support.  For questions email:


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**NEW**Green Tip! Hate to Burst Your Bubble

Bubble-lined mailing envelopes are NOT RECYCLABLE. They are made from two recyclable materials, but once fused together they become garbage. Put them in your black landfill cart. However, Amazon’s new padded envelopes ARE RECYCLABLE and go in your blue recycle cart. The white foamy bits are actually glue. When heated, it forms a “puffy material that is lightweight.”

For more information about What Goes Where, visit, email or call (650) 496-5910.

Play Palooza – The Children’s Theatre Ten Minute Playwriting Contest

Submission Deadline:  Friday, December 18, 12am

The Children’s Theatre is pleased to announce the 2020-21 Play Palooza Ten Minute Playwriting contest. Play Palooza gives young writers an excellent opportunity to showcase their talents. Students can submit original work in three categories: Elementary School (3rd-5th grade), Middle School (6th-8th grade), and High School (9th-12th grade). Winning plays receive a staged reading at the Children’s Theatre, and winning playwrights receive prizes donated by the Friends of the Palo Alto Children’s Theatre. Submissions can be submitted electronically to

Become a Girl Scout!

Are you interested in joining or learning more about Girl Scouts? Palo Alto Girl Scouts is setting up meetings and signing up girls now. Please fill out this Interest Form so we can contact you about the upcoming information meetings and/or link you to troops: If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Melanie at Visit for more information.

Join Palo Alto's First Scouts BSA Girls Troop

Great opportunity for girls aged 11-17 to join Palo Alto’s Troop 4057, which started in February 2018 as one of the first girl-only troops within Scouts BSA (formerly Boy Scouts).  Our scouting program consists of outdoor activities and meetings under the following four aims: Leadership Development, Citizenship Training, Character Development and Personal Fitness. We typically meet every Wednesday during the school year.  We are now open for new registrations for both Fall 2020 and Spring 2021.  If interested, please email David Kim at  For more information, please visit, and

Join Girls BSA Troop 4014

Troop 4014, a female troop in the Scouts BSA program, is always open to new members.  While not meeting in person, we have fun weekly Zoom meetings at 7:30pm on Tuesdays. Come join us for virtual Scouting and exciting games. All girls at any school in 6th grade or higher are welcome to join. For more information, send email to or visit us at

Palo Alto High School Dance Team Fundraiser-Gizdich Ranch Pies

Pick-up: Wednesday, November 11, 3:30-6:30pm

Pies will be available for contactless drive-through pickup in front of the Peery Athletic Center (enter on Churchill) on Wednesday, November 11th, from 3:30-6:30pm, or can be delivered (Palo Alto deliveries only) for an extra $5. For more information visit Thank you for your support.