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  • PICTURE DAYS! SAVE THE DATES! More details to follow on Konstella. Prepay for a package and/or an online proof by visiting, click on "Prepay Now" and Enter Code "EEF20" (code is case sensitive)
    • Wednesday, December 9: Hybrid Cohort A, FDL Kinder-2nd grade
    • Thursday, December 10th: Hybrid Cohort B, FDL 3-5th & Full year DL
  • *NEW* ESCONDIDO GIVES - HOLIDAY WISH DRIVE. Escondido administration and PTA have partnered to create a gift drive for some Escondido families to ease some financial burdens during this holiday season.  Be on the lookout for sign ups to drop off gifts for Escondido students.  Help make this holiday season special for your child’s classmates! VOLUNTEER HERE Families and students will be kept confidential by Escondido administrators. Please contact Christian Munoz at if you would like your family to be included in the gift drive.


  • ESCONDIDO HOLIDAY WISH DRIVE VOLUNTEERS: We will need volunteers to help sort, package and label the gifts dropped off for the gift drive.  VOLUNTEER HERE
  • ROOM PARENT VOLUNTEERS - Due to re-grouping of classes with distance and hybrid learning, we have a few rooms without room parents. Contact Rachel at if you are interested in becoming a room parent for your class. Room parents help with communications between teachers and parents, and organizing events.

    • 2nd Grade Rm 18 - Full Distance learning - Kimiko Kuruma and Tiffany Martin

    • 3rd Grade Rm 10 - Hybrid - Tara Feldmeier

    • 4th Grade Rm 23 Hybrid - John Brubaker

    • 5th Grade Rm 21 Full Distance Learning - Catherine Dobroff

  • RECESS & LUNCH SUPERVISION NEEDED!!!! - We still need volunteers for lunch and recess. Email John Di Cosmo when you sign up at and use the new google doc to sign up HERE  

  • ONLY A FEW MATERIALS DISTRIBUTIONS LEFT - Ask your room parents if help is needed for the teachers!


  • DAILY HEALTH CHECK-IN BEFORE SCHOOL  - The district launched ParentSquare as the new return to campus student health screener tool. This screener MUST be completed every day before the student can come onto the campus. Parents will access the screener by logging into their Rapid ID page.

The Parent Square smartphone app is now working for student check-in. Download the app on your phone, click “submit daily health screening”, fill out the form, and make sure you see a confirmation.

  • LIMIT PARTICIPATION IN OTHER PROGRAMS - For the health of the Escondido community/staff/families, and at the direction of the County of Santa Clara, children in the hybrid program may participate in only one other program at a time and may not move from one program to another more than once every three weeks. This is to limit exposure between groups.
    • Children/youth cannot attend more than one childcare program, after-school program, or other child/youth activity within the same three-week period.
    • For children/youth enrolled in K-12 school, this means they can attend school and one additional before- or after-school program or activity. 


District News



PTA/PTA Council News



Thursday, December 3: 12-1:30pm. Zoom Webinar

Presented by the League of Women Voters of Palo Alto with Cosponsorship by the Palo Alto Council of PTAs - Guest Speakers: Kristen Clarke, President and Executive Director, Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law and Genevieve (“Genzie”) Bonadies Torres, Counsel for the Educational Opportunities Project. A high-quality education is among the most potent drivers of opportunity and economic mobility, particularly for historically marginalized students of color and low-income students. Unfortunately, our educational system is too often deepening the racial and socioeconomic divides that persist across California and our country. In this webinar, the Lawyers’ Committee’s Educational Opportunities Project will provide an overview of the current racial inequities characterizing the K-12 system and their impact on access to higher education and social mobility. The webinar will then highlight important efforts that are underway in California and across the country to dismantle existing barriers and to ensure education remains a ladder to opportunity for all.

Register here:


Get your FLU SHOTS NOW before they run out of Flu vaccine.

With two serious respiratory viruses circulating this year it's especially important to protect ourselves and our families as much as we can.  Flu shots are now available, but may be in short supply this year because of the current pandemic and higher demand for flu vaccines this year, so speak to your family physician or pharmacist about getting your seasonal flu shot now. CDC message on the Flu Vaccine


Walk and Roll to School 2020

No matter your learning environment, families, neighborhoods, and schools are invited to participate in Walk to School celebrations this year. During the ensuing weeks as more grades open, consider these 20 ideas to help encourage your school to celebrate Walking to School in 2020

SAFE USE OF TECHNOLOGY - Children and Distance Learning

Navigate the challenges of increased and unavoidable digital usage during distance learning: Click Here to learn a few, easy-to-use tips to safeguard children’s health by maintaining safe use of technology at home. Fact sheet, references and research from best practices from children’s digital study environments: American Academy of Pediatrics, Mayo Clinic, Harvard health study, Environmental Health Trust, Parents for Safe Technology, Children’s Screen time Action Network, Commonsense Media, Apple and Microsoft Support.  For questions email:


Community News



A new Kindergarten Girl Scouts troop is forming for Escondido and Nixon Kindergartners! The troop will meet virtually on Sundays at 3 pm. If you are interested in joining this new troop, go to and select Troop 60943. For more information about this troop or Girl Scouts in general, email Melanie Bleyler at


Right At School still has space, is operating on Escondido campus and is maintaining stable 12 kid cohorts.

Green Tip! Keep it Warm Inside Pt. 2:

Install thick double curtains to retain heat at night, and let in sun during the day. Put a foam sleeve on your water heater's hot water pipe for insulation - and set your water heater knob to 120F, or the low setting (keeps kids from getting scalded too). 

Register for Thanksgiving Camps & Winter classes on ActivityHero to Raise Money for PTA

Thanksgiving and Winter Break camps and classes are available in-person and online.  See schedules on ActivityHero and the PTA earns a % of your purchase when you book online with this link. Financial aid is available by applying here: 

Ragazzi Boys Chorus Welcomes New Members

Free online SingFest mini-camp Saturday, January 9 10 AM; individual online auditions scheduled conveniently GRAMMY award-winning Ragazzi Boys Chorus seeks boys aged 7-10 who love to sing. Curriculum focuses on music theory, vocal technique, artistry, musicianship, and performance skills. Our current remote learning features advanced technologies and online learning platforms that enable effective vocal and theory instruction. Boys beginning this Spring will be prepared when we resume in-person classes and performances.  To register for SingFest held January 9, visit    For inquiries or to schedule an audition, visit

The Christmas Bureau of Palo Alto

For 64 years, the Christmas Bureau of Palo Alto has continued to serve those in our community who struggle financially.   During the holiday season, funds contributed last year by many generous donors were distributed in small checks to over 636 low-income families.  Overall, we helped 2500 individuals.  All recipients are referred by local agencies who serve these families with children, single adults and seniors with limited funds!  Please visit our website and help us make a difference and spread holiday cheer! The Christmas Bureau is a non-profit [501(c)(3)], non-sectarian, all volunteer organization. If you have already contributed to our 2020 Campaign, THANK YOU!
Green Tip! Keep It Warm Inside:

Wear a sweater! Jokes aside, setting your thermostat to 68 (or less) can help minimize the amount of heating. Put out rugs, then check if your doors or windows have any leaks - simple weatherstripping or a door snake can keep out drafts.

Help Our Students Reach Their Full Potential

This has been a challenging school year for all of us. Imagine all of those challenges alongside the stress of financial insecurity while trying to maintain focus on your student’s education. DreamCatchers provides Fletcher, Greene and JLS middle school students living in East Palo Alto and Palo Alto with a community of support that keeps students engaged in school to reach their full potential.  At the same time, it provides Gunn and Paly students with meaningful leadership and mentorship opportunities.  Learn more about how you can help by donating or volunteering.

Webinar/Live Q&A - Mental Health & Learning: Living in Uncertain Times

Tuesday, December 1 or Tuesday, December 8, 6:30-8:00pm

Still stressed about "back to school?" Worried how your kids are handling the stress and anxiety of adjusting to the ever-changing "new normal?" Join us on December 1 or December 8 at an interactive session for PAUSD elementary school parents and staff where you can listen to experts from Children’s Health Council and get your questions answered. Click here for more information or to register today.

Play Palooza – The Children’s Theatre Ten Minute Playwriting Contest

Submission Deadline:  Friday, December 18, 12am

The Children’s Theatre is pleased to announce the 2020-21 Play Palooza Ten Minute Playwriting contest. Play Palooza gives young writers an excellent opportunity to showcase their talents. Students can submit original work in three categories: Elementary School (3rd-5th grade), Middle School (6th-8th grade), and High School (9th-12th grade). Winning plays receive a staged reading at the Children’s Theatre, and winning playwrights receive prizes donated by the Friends of the Palo Alto Children’s Theatre. Submissions can be submitted electronically to