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PENNY POWER WRAP-UP Congratulations and Thank you Escondido! Great job collecting spare change and coins last year - as a result of your efforts, the Escondido kids and families raised $655.12 for Family Connections in Menlo Park! Because of the school shutdown last year with coronavirus, it cut short the campaign, and took a little longer to collect the money out of the classrooms, but we still are able to make a very helpful and large donation to help local families! Thank you to the family that offered a generous match as well!!

PTA FUNDRAISER EXTENDED UNTIL SEPTEMBER 30th!  Please remember donate to the PTA.  PTA is in the process of helping teachers prepare for on-campus return by purchasing safety supplies (touch free thermometers and extra face masks, etc.)t.  Kids will have an ice cream party in their cohorts once all grades are back on campus to celebrate our fundraiser. 

Class with the most families participating will get a prize!  


Donate at


  • ROOM PARENT VOLUNTEERS NEEDED - Many classrooms still need a room parent volunteer! Room parents help teachers communicate with parents, organize class events, and organize teacher appreciation. Interested parents please contact the teacher directly to volunteer. 

List of rooms still needing volunteer room parents: 

Moore Room 3 First Grade
Pineda Room 9 First Grade
Rodriguez Abeyta Room 4 First Grade
Boyarsky Room 13 Third Grade
Kuruma+Martin Room 18 Third Grade
Veach Room 22 Fourth Grade
Garcia Room 20 Fifth Grade
Chen Room 16 Full distance learning (all grades)
    • FAMILY MATH NIGHT - Rescheduled to October and will be a virtual event with some hands on activities and hand/outs. VOLUNTEER HERE
    • CAMPUS GARDENS COMMITTEE - Clean up Escondido’s gardens on the weekends prior to coming to campus. VOLUNTEER HERE
    • COVID SUPPLY COORDINATOR -  Help PTA support teachers and staff by purchasing (reimbursed) and distributing health safety supplies for classrooms in preparation of return and on an ongoing as needed basis. VOLUNTEER HERE
    • PREPARE CAMPUS FOR RETURN - Volunteer to update the campus marquee, decorate billboards and generally make the campus inviting for kids and entering kindergarteners! VOLUNTEER HERE
    • WALK & ROLL WEEK - With return to campus we need to communicate safe routes to school and encourage walking and biking.  VOLUNTEER HERE to help our Event Coordinator.
    • NOON ART/RECESS COMMITTEE - Help come up with fun solutions for recess when the kids return to campus. We will work with administration to see what is allowed and then do our best to implement fun alternative play areas for different cohorts.  Will be mainly planning and getting materials and not volunteering on campus. VOLUNTEER HERE
  • YOGA & MINDFULNESS WITH SHEILA - Monday mornings at 8am. Open to all Escondido students - Zoom:
  • BACKSTAGE WITH SUPERINTENDENT: Monday, September 21st at 5:30pm to discuss reopening plans less formally.  Return dates sent to families and staff earlier today. Staggered return proposal for elementary starting Oct 12; semester return for secondary. LINK:
  • PTA MEETING (Virtual) - Monday, September 21st at 7pm
    • Join Zoom Meeting - PTA Meeting
      Meeting ID: 885 0703 6358

      Passcode: PTARocks
  • PAUSD REGULAR BOARD MEETING: Tuesday, September 22nd at 6:30pm (Open Session). Link to attend and Agenda to be posted at
  • SITE COUNCIL MEETING - Monday, Sept 28
  • FAMILY MATH NIGHT (Rescheduled) Thursday, October 8, 5-7pm, Virtual Games (and maybe some take home physical games)! Mark your calendar - more details are coming soon. We need volunteers to help plan and execute this fun night for all - VOLUNTEER HERE!


Go to the Escondido PTA Website: 

Check that you are Registered to Vote!

One quick action you can take RIGHT NOW is to make sure you are actually registered to vote. We have found that people THINK they are registered to vote but aren't. Grab your driver's license and head over to When you're done, sign up for BallotTrax to make sure your vote was received and counted! Thank you for your civic engagement!

PiE Needs Your Support

We still need your participation! Your contribution will support over 250 staff positions in wellness/support, the arts, and STEM at all PAUSD schools, whether distance-learning or in-person. We can’t do it without you! Every dollar makes a difference. Donate or pledge today.


District News




PTA/PTA Council News



Thurs. Sept 24 7pm - 8:30 pm.  School Board forum on Secondary Education - middle & high schools.  Live stream:

Use this google form to collect questions in advance.  Moderated by students from the Paly and Gunn Speech and Debate Clubs.  Questions: 

Thurs. Oct. 8,  6:30pm - 8:30 pm.  School Board Forum co-hosted with the League of Women Voters.   Zoom link for the League-sponsored candidate forum.  It’s posted on our Candidate Forum web page or  School Board Forum link 

Sat. Oct 17 3pm - 5pm.  School Board Candidate Forum on Educational Equity & Access: the Achievement Gap and Special Education The event is jointly sponsored by PTA Council (PTAC), Palo Alto Community Advisory Committee for Special Education (CAC), the Latino Parent Network (LPN), and Parent Advocates for Student Success (PASS). For questions, contact or

For the simultaneous Spanish translation please dial the following number on your phone:

SPANISH Translation

Dial +1 669 900 6833  or  +1 408 638 0968

Meeting ID: 476 084 2554

Passcode: 3491343698

For the simultaneous Mandarin translation please dial the following number on your phone:

MANDARIN Translation

Dial +1 669 900 6833  or  +1 408 638 0968

Meeting ID: 853 7806 4352

Passcode: 577529

Foro para los candidatos para el Consejo Escolar eNews, 14 sept. 2020

Jueves 24 de septiembre de 7:00 a 8:00pm Foro para el Consejo Escolar en la Educación Secundaria- Escuelas Intermedias y Secundarias. Live stream:

Use este  google form para recoger las preguntas por adelantado. El foro será moderado por estudiantes de Paly y Gunn y del Club de Debate.

Jueves 8 de octubre 6:30 – 8:30pm – Foro para el Consejo Escolar co-auspiciado por la Liga de Mujeres Votantes. El enlace para el foro de los candidatos auspiciados por la Liga está posteado en nuestro Candidate Forum web page or  School Board Forum  

Sábado 17 de octubre 6:30 – 8:30pm – Foro para los candidatos al Consejo Escolar sobre Equidad Educacional y Acceso: Brecha de Realización y Educación Especial. El evento está auspiciado conjuntamente por el consejo del PTA (PTAC), Red de Padres Latinos (LPN) y Padres abogando por el éxito de los estudiantes (PASS). Para preguntas, entrar en contacto con o

Para interpretación simultanea al español, por favor marque el siguiente numero en su teléfono:

Traducción: Español 

Dial +1 669 900 6833  or  +1 408 638 0968

Meeting ID: 476 084 2554

Passcode: 3491343698

校务委员会候选人论坛电子新闻 2020 年 9 月 14 日 

星期四, 9 月 24 日,晚上 7:00 - 8:30, 关于中学教育的校务委员会论坛 - 初 中和高中。 直播:使用此 google form 表格提前收集问题, 由 Paly 和 Gunn 演讲和辩论俱乐部的学生 主持。 



国语翻译拨打+1 669 900 6833 或+1 408 638 0968 

会议 ID:853 7806 4352 密码:577529 

星期四,10 月 8 日,下午 6:30-8:30 - 与妇女选民联盟共同主办的校务委员会论 坛。 联盟赞助的候选人论坛的 Zoom 链接发布在我们的候选人论坛网页 和 学校委员会论坛。 

周六, 10 月 17 日,下午 3:00 - 5:00。 关于教育公平与获取的校务委员会候选 人论坛:成就差距与特殊教育。该活动由 PTA 理事会(PTAC),帕洛阿尔托特殊 教育社区咨询委员会(CAC),拉丁裔家长网络(LPN)和家长倡导学生成功 (PASS)共同赞助。 如有疑问,请联系 或



2020 is an important year for all Californians. It’s the once-per-decade time that every person in America is counted in the U.S. Census. The census asks questions that provide a snapshot of our community, state and the nation. The census affects Federal funding, and much more.  Learn more!  You have the power to shape the future for the children of California. If you haven't yet been counted, please do it right away and please tell your friends, family, and neighbors. Questions?

ELECTION ALERT FOR PARENTS (and everyone else too)

Voting begins when ballots arrive.

Election day is Tue Nov 3.

Please pay attention to your ENTIRE ballot. Don’t miss:

  • PAUSD Parcel Tax (Vote for Measure “O”)
  • School Board & City Council Elections
  • 11 Propositions.  [State PTA positions]

Register and Vote. Questions?  or


PTA Council Executive Board supports Yes On O! Our Palo Alto schools are among the best in the state and nation, thanks to dedicated teachers, high-quality academics, and rich and varied programs to support and enrich our children’s growth.  For almost 20 years, our local parcel tax has generated over $15 million in locally-controlled funding to keep our schools strong. This essential local funding is set to expire. If we don’t renew our local parcel tax, our budget would be cut and our teachers, staff and programs could face devastating losses.  Vote YES on Measure O, a parcel tax renewal measure that has been placed on the November 2020 ballot to ensure our schools continue receiving this critical funding. For more information please visit the website or email


As an advocacy organization, PTA often takes positions on legislation & ballot measures; it does not support or oppose candidates for office.  California State PTA supports Prop 15, which would provide billions of extra dollars for our schools & local government services.  State PTA also supports Prop 16, which would restore affirmative action in California.

Please register, inform yourself, and don't forget to vote! Election day is Tue Nov 3.  Vote early if you can!  Prop 15 & 16 info:

Questions?  Erwin Morton, 


Community News


**NEW** Navigating Boyhood: How to Raise Resilient & Cooperative Sons - $45

Mon, Sep 21, 7.30 - 9PM - Online workshop

Boy behavior can be challenging, especially while we are all spending more time at home. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to meet your son's basic internal needs so that cooperation, confidence, and connection come easily in every area of his life. today’s tools to connect with grandchildren of all ages virtually. 

Cost is $45. Donations are appreciated but not required.

Register here:  Any Questions? Email: Tiffany at

**NEW** Raising a Highly Sensitive Child - $30

Tue Sep 22, 1 - 2PM - Online workshop

Highly sensitive children can be challenging to guide and keeping children motivated during the pandemic can be equally challenging. Learn techniques to support your child’s intense reactions to their environment and strategies for teaching them coping skills.

Cost is $30. Donations are appreciated but not required.

Register here:  Any Questions? Email: Tiffany at

**NEW** Control and Connections: Stop Yelling and Start Having Fun - $30

Thu Sep 24,1 - 2PM - Online workshop

We will help you transform your family dynamic during the pandemic and beyond. Understand your child’s behavior from a neuroscience standpoint and foster a deeper connection. 

Cost is $30 Donations are appreciated but not required.

Register here: Any Questions? Email: Tiffany at