FIXED LINKS: Casts assigned, Tickets, T-shirts, and more - for entire school, not just the performers, please read
Wed, Jan 17 10:29am
Escondido Elementary

Apologies - a few of our links were not working properly - should be good to go now - thanks!


The Talent Show Team had a wonderful week of auditions, thank you to all the students!  


By now, all Acts and MC s should have received an email from Christine Klenow, it stated which cast you are assigned to perform in and it listed several keys bits of information.  First check your Spam, and then if you don't have it, contact


T-shirts for the show are on sale now, $15. 

Please sign-up ASAP, orders are due tomorrow, MONDAY.  All of Escondido are welcome to order, not just the performers.


5th Grade MCs need to complete the t-shirt form too, but they do not need to pay, we provide all MCs a complimentary shirt for their service.  Please complete the form with your size, otherwise we will guess.


Tickets for the shows will go on sale next week, starting Monday, Jan 22, before and after school, and at the end or rehearsals.  $5 child/$10 adult, scholarships available.



Schedule by Cast:


Wed, Jan 17 - 1:30 - 4 pm Rehearsal

Fri, Jan 19 - 2:45 - 5             Rehearsal

Mon, Jan 22 - 2:45 - 6         Dress Rehearsal

Wed, Jan 24 - 3 pm              Talent Show

Thu, Jan 25 - 7 pm                Talent Show



Tue, Jan 16 - 2:45 - 5           Rehearsal

Thu, Jan 18 - 2:45 - 5           Rehearsal

Tue, Jan 23 - 2:45 - 6           Dress Rehearsal

Wed, Jan 24 - 6 pm              Talent Show

Thu, Jan 25 - 4 pm                Talent Show


Want to VOLUNTEER?  All Escondido families are welcome to volunteer, even if you don't have a student performing.  In fact, volunteering is a great way to get involved, and have your student shadow along-side of you, they may want to participate next year! Sign-up to volunteer here.


Have questions and want to better understand the volunteer job descriptions , click here.


Many thanks,

Talent Show Team