From PTAC President - Stanford G.U.P. RALLY & HEARING (Oct 22) 5:15 pm Rally /6 pm Public Hearing at Palo Alto City Hall - REMINDER
Thu, Oct 17 12:33am
Hello all!
We are less than one week from our BIG GUP RALLY!!
This is the FINAL Public Hearing on the Stanford G.U.P.  We need to go to City Hall and let all County Supervisors hear from all members of our school district. 
All students, including PALY and GUNN students are welcomed. PAUSD Superintendent, Dr. Don Austin, and all of the 25 Churchill Ave. leadership will be there along with PAUSD Board Members. The regularly scheduled PAUSD Board meeting on the Tuesday night was cancelled so everyone could attend the rally. Our coalition partners, including PAEA, CSEA, SCoPE, and PiE also stand with us. 
Dr. Austin told us Stanford plans to honor its commitment to our school district. NO deal has been signed yet. 
Here is the location information, an updated FACT SHEET, and the RALLY FLYER.  
Event: RALLY & PUBLIC HEARING on Stanford G.U.P.
Date: Tuesday, October 22nd
Time: 5:15 pm (Rally); 6:00 pm (Hearing)
Location: 250 Hamilton Avenue, Palo Alto
Note: Wear spirit wear and gear; Carpool if possible; Pizza for All
This is absolutely CRITICAL!!
Also, we will have lots and lots of Spot Pizza for you and your students to gobble up before the 6pm meeting start and we have a Rally at 5:15 in front of City Hall if they want to cheer and support Full Mitigation. Our dream would be to have 200+ people sitting, standing and filling City Hall at 6pm with signs and stickers on supporting FULL MITIGATION.  
This is $138 million dollars that is on the table for the future of our students and this is the last true opportunity to make this happen. You will never have a more powerful moment to affect the future of so many.  
Let's together get to the finish line. 
This is a historical moment. 
Don't miss it.
Thank you,
Jade Chao 
PTAC President