Get Involved! Help Select next year's PTA Board - or be ON the board next year!
Escondido Elementary

As the current PTA Parliamentarian, I'm getting together a selection committee that will meet 1-3 times in the next few weeks and propose who occupies the PTA board seats for next year at the March PTA meeting.  At the April PTA meeting the PTA will vote on the proposals made by the committee.  Please note - All PTA meetings are open to ALL parents!


So, I'm asking you - would you like to be a part of that selection committee?  OR are you interested in being on the PTA board? OR  are you interested in being on a PTA committee for specific events or all events? 


As they say - many hands make light work.  I've been at Escondido now for 3 years, so I'm relatively new to the school, but I would love to see more people committed to being involved in the planning and implementing the programs funded by PTA at our school.  I know our population is full of really busy people that do step up and volunteer when we put the call out there, so I'm hoping that we can really have a larger group next year that is committed to sharing the workload and continuing in the efforts and traditions that make our school great.



We do have some returning veterans that are willing to stay on the PTA board, but we all would love to see new volunteers join.  The Bylaws state that you can only serve in any one (1) position for two (2) years.  So don't think of joining the board as a six year commitment that will never go away.  Do what you can and what feels right.


If you sign up here, I will follow up and talk to you individually about what you were interested in, so do not interpret this sign up to be an obligation, merely a request for a reach out. :-)


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I'm interested in discussing possible roles on the Executive Board Signed Up: 1 / 10

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I want to help build community and be a part of the Events Committee or an Event Lead Signed Up: 2 / 15

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There are other things that I want to help do in the PTA not listed here... Signed Up: 0 / 5

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