Help us staff the PTA for next year!
Escondido Elementary

PLEASE SIGN UP TO HELP!  1-2 hour time commitment over the next month!

No further obligations!


The PTA Bylaws require that a nominating committee nominate the officers of the PTA every year.   We need three (3) volunteers to serve on the nominating committee.  It is a very important part of keeping the process of becoming on the PTA Board an open and democratic process and in compliance with our bylaws.


The committee members will meet via zoom to discuss the open positions for next year, which current officers are happy to return to their positions or take on new roles, and new members that would like to get involved.   The committee members need the March PTA meeting to propose the new officers and all PTA members are entitled to vote at the April PTA meeting.


Alternatively if you would like a position on the executive board of the PTA, we will be publishing another form to sign up with the nominating committee who will be doing outreach and helping to fill next year's PTA Executive Board positions.


Member of the 2021-2022 PTA Nominating Committee Signed Up: 3 / 3