Hurry, Hurry - Get your SCOOP in for your classroom - PTA fundraiser
Sun, Sep 10 2:01pm
Escondido Elementary

Hurry, Hurry!

Get your SCOOP in for your classroom!


Escondido PTA's Ice Cream Challenge 


Help us reach our GOAL!


Please turn in the pink, One-Check Form by this Friday, September 15th!  

Also submit your green, Volunteer Interest form, and PiE envelope to the Office.

As of today, we are just over half-way to our $85K Budget and Goal for the campaign.


All donations contributed will fund Escondido PTA's budget for this school year.



Your dollars make and difference.


Complete the One-Check Form in your Back to School Packet, If you can't find the form, no worries, just click below and print another copy then submit to Office with payment by Friday, September 15th.  Or you can get a copy from the Office.  

Please submit the One-Check form, even if you donated via PayPal, the One-Check form helps us confirm your details and manage our records.  

The One-Check form also allows you the opportunity to order optional items (Yearbook, T-shirts, Sweatshirts, PTA membership, and more) and then pay for everything at one time, either by check or PayPal!


Donate online at 

Scroll down Home page, look in the lower, right-side and Click on the "Make a Donation" to the PTA button.  It will link to the Escondido PTA PayPal account page.  


Scoops (donations) per classroom. (FYI:  To the families with multiple students at Escondido, your donation earns a scoop for each of your children's classroom's cone.)


Room Donation Count
1 6
2 9
3 7
4 7
5 5
6 5
7 7
8 6
9 7
10 5
11 10
12 5
13 6
14 10
15 5
16 8
17 4
18 8
20 6
21 8
22 5
23 7
24 8
25 4
26 8
27 5
Total 171


Any size donation gets a "scoop" sticker on their classroom's cone poster and the amount remains confidential. With every donation, no matter the amount, your child(ren)'s room receives a scoop on the poster outside their classroom. 


Are you able to give more than the suggested per child amount?  

Please consider contributing to the Sweet Treats ~ Levels of Giving, see the attached One-Check Form for more details.


Your donation is 100% tax deductible.


The kids LOVE seeing the SCOOPS add up, they understand; SCOOPS equal cool STUFF!   


PTA funds the STUFF that makes Escondido Special:  Field trips, Science Fair, Noon Art & Sports, Assemblies, Talent Show, International Fun Fair, Teacher & Classroom Supplies, Technology, and much, much more!


A huge thank you to those of you who have participated. 


We will throw a school-wide party at the end of the campaign for ALL STUDENTS (regardless of family participation) to celebrate our Escondido spirit!


Questions, contact Christine Klenow or Chris Philpot - Direct Appeal Team