LAST CHANCE! Upload your pictures for the Yearbook!
Thu, Apr 12 12:20pm
Escondido Elementary

Dear Escondido Parents, Teachers, Staff,


Please upload your photos to be included in the yearbook. They are DUE Monday, April 16th! The kids love to see themselves in the yearbook and you can help make it happen! Thanks for your help. (Many thanks to those of you who have already sent your photos in!)


-The Yearbook Team


p.s. If you are sending photos taken on a phone, sending the photo in “large” size is good. You will receive a confirmation email from if the photo was uploaded successfully.


Please email your photos to these email addresses:



1st grade

2nd grade

3rd grade

4th grade

5th grade


First day and week of school

Halloween and Spooky Hop

Inclusive schools, Penny Power, Community Service

Talent Show

Black History Month

Science Fair, Ask a Scientist, Family Science Night

Ice Skating Party

Sprouts, Farmers Market, Earth Week, Green Team and Outings club

Noon Sports, Recess and Lunch 

5th grade events:

American Revolution

Mt Hermon Trip

Mexico Trip


Or, if you just have some really great schoolwide candid shots (that defy categorization) of Escondido (students, teachers, staff, parents, etc.), we want those too! Please send them to:


Full list of email addresses here: