Last Day Fair: Ticket Order Forms DUE TOMORROW
Wed, May 30 9:46am
Last Day Fair
TODAY students will be bringing home a ticket order form for the Last Day Fair.   To purchase food, drinks, or treats and to participate in most of the fun activities, students must have tickets.
Please review with your students, and return TOMORROW (Thursday, May 31st) along with payment (cash or check accepted) to your classroom teacher. 
We will be coming by each classroom on Thursday morning to collect order forms and distribute tickets.  Teachers will keep the ordered tickets until Friday morning and pass them out to students just before the fair.   
Please note that we’ve moved this process up by one day (compared to past years) for the Last Day Fair.   
For your reference, attached is the Last Day Fair ticket order form.   If for any reason a ticket order form doesn't make it home today, please print and return this form.
Last Day Fair Planning Committee