Noon Sports, funded with your donations to PTA Ice Cream Challenge, watch videos to learn all about Noon Sports at Escondido!
Wed, Sep 4 3:32pm

One of the most popular programs,

supported by your donations to PTA's Ice Cream Challenge...

Noon Sports


Want to learn more about Noon Sports?  Learn from the experts. 

Check out the videos featuring Mr. Libert and Maestra Agustina and learn more.

Noon Sports is one of the many legacies Mr. Libert, beloved and recently retired teacher, contributed to our community. 

Help us continue the tradition of this wonderful program at Escondido this year!  Below are two videos used in past years to promote the upcoming sport season to the students.  We think they are wonderful to share with the families too. 

You can watch and learn what Noon Sports is truly all about.

Soccer season:


Softball season:



With Your DONATION to PTA, programs like Noon Sports will continue to provide excellent opportunities for our children to learn, grow and thrive!  Thanks to the outstanding community support last year, the PTA expanded the Noon Sports options to include K-2, by partnering with Run for Fun.  The PTA hopes to continue this again this school year.


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