Penny Power: Nominate your favorite international nonprofit!
Wed, Dec 6 5:13pm
Escondido Elementary
Penny Power is an opportunity to empower Escondido students to collectively help others in small and meaningful ways.  Every year Escondido families nominate deserving nonprofits they love, then the PTA votes on one of the organization to support and during the month of February students learn about the cause and collect loose change to support the organization.  We alternate each year between a local and an international nonprofit. 

We welcome all Escondido families to participate! Please take a few moments to nominate an INTERNATIONAL non-profit to be the beneficiary of Escondido's 2018 Penny Power campaign.


The criteria for Penny Power recipients are:
* Registered nonprofit organization (can be registered overseas)
* Simple message that kids can understand (e.g. buying something tangible)
* Age appropriate issues
* International cause this year


If you would like to nominate a nonprofit, please fill out the form below by Friday, January 5, 2018 by midnight. Presenters will be invited to share more details about their proposed nonprofit at the January PTA meeting. The PTA will vote on the nonprofit to support and funds will be collected during the month of February 2018. If you have any questions please email Mora Oommen (


Last year, Escondido raised $1,970.61 for the Bill Wilson Center's Foster Children's Program. Previous international causes include $1,316.48 for Ensena Chile (2016), a non-profit that serves schools with the lowest-income students in Chile,  Roots Ethiopia ($3,400 raised in 2014), Heifer International, mosquito nets, and solar power lights.


Thank you!
Mora (Mom of Mallika, 5th Grade)