PiE Donation Matching Deadline
Tue, Sep 5 9:00am-11:00pm
Escondido Elementary
1 day before
PiE has a matching Challenge Grant going on now through September 5th.  Give your support as it makes a significant difference here at Escondido Elementary in the funding available for staffing Science (Mary Jo Ricci), Spectra Art, Music, and classroom aides. Click here to make a gift--and your donation of whatever gift is meaningful to you will be DOUBLED if done on or before September 5th.
Palo Alto's education foundation, Palo Alto Partners in Education (or PiE), has a fantastic new video that explains in just two minutes why they exist and how they help our school: papie.org/video. They have it in English, Mandarin and Spanish.
 Remember:  PiE pays for *staff* while PTA pays for *stuff*, so together, the two funding sources are a winning combination.