Room Parent Orientation Meeting
Tue, Aug 28 7:00pm
SCRA - 875 Bowdoin, Stanford
1 day before
Thank you for volunteering to serve as a Room Parent!  
Join us TUESDAY, Aug 28th at 7 pm at SCRA
Stanford Campus Recreation Association. 
(This is a change of location.)
We will provide refreshments and snacks!!! 
This is an adult/parent meeting...
We kindly ask that you do not bring your child.  It is a safety concern, and we would appreciate your understanding. 
If you are unable to attend the meeting we will send out notes afterwards.  
The more the merrier...
If you have multiple room parents for a room, you are all welcome to attend!  
RSVP  Click and complete or text me!  
WHEN:  TUESDAY, AUGUST 28th at 7 pm (should be done within an hour or so)
WHO:  Room Parents
WHY:  Understand your role and how; what to expect, useful information for new and veteran room parents.
Stanford Community Recreation Association is located next door to Escondido.  For those new to the area, it is at the back gate side of school, or behind Rooms 22 and 23.
RSVP:  Click here and RSVP, either yes or no, and enter your information.  Please send us a quick Reply if you plan to attend or not.  If you cannot make it, we will send out details afterwards.