SI Book Fair - Book Recommendations
Mon, Mar 29 10:09pm

Dear Escondido Parents,

Our online Spanish Book Fair is currently underway and we are happy to provide a brochure (attached) with book recommendations from our Escondido librarian and teachers.  Each book recommended in the brochure has a link to the Lectorum website to make your shopping easier. 

To shop for books on the recommended list, just follow these steps:

1) Download the attached brochure: "Escondido Book Fair Brochure.pdf"

2) Follow the instructions on the first page of the brochure and don't forget to enter "Escondido" at check out

3) If you plan to buy a book to donate to your child's classroom from the Wish List, please visit the following Konstella sign-up sheet:

Thank you,

-Loreto Ponce de León

SI Book Fair Co-Chair