Spring Walk N' Roll - request for bakers & cool bikes
Sat, Apr 7 10:06pm
Escondido Elementary

Escondido's Spring Walk N' Roll to school is just about a week away (April 16-20), and will be topped off with a breakfast on Friday, April 20th. We're looking for bakers (or buys) who would like to contribute muffins or other breakfast baked goods for the breakfast. If you are interested, please sign up HERE.  


Please - no nuts in any baked goods. 


In addition, we're hoping that anyone with an interesting bike (think: box bike, folding bike,  stretch cruiser, lights, streamers) will park their bikes outside the MP Room on Friday, April 20th during drop-off hours (7:45-8:10am) for all to enjoy. 



Escondido Walk N' Rollers