Talent Show - auditions this week - REGISTER now
Tue, Jan 7 10:15am

Happy New Year Escondido!


I hope that you all have had a wonderful winter break!  Now is a perfect time to discuss with your child if they would like to be in the Talent Show.  The Talent Show is an opportunity to try something new and exciting! Over the years, many entertaining acts have been created from a playdate “brainstorm.”  Let your students lead the way with their ideas and the rest will fall into place!


For many students, they know absolutely without a doubt that they want to perform in the show, and that is super, Register them now.  Fifth graders that want to be an emcee, must register too.


However, for others, the Talent Show is something of a mystery and they need to warm-up to the idea.  The main reason is because they are unsure of what they might do on stage. If your kiddo is in the latter group, I highly encourage you both to check-out the Website and read the FAQ, and then go ahead and Register and sign-up for an Audition Time-slot.  


The Audition is a time to meet with the Talent Show Team.  Everyone that auditions will be in the show. We use the audition time to see the act and discuss ideas to make it even better.  Auditions are this week, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, after school.  The last day to Register and Audition is Thursday, January 9, by 4 pm. 



  1. Complete the Registration Form
  2. Sign-up for an Audition Time-slot. (The link will be on the Confirmation page of the Registration Form.)
  3. Check-out our website and read FAQ
  4. Mark your calendar for Dates to Know
  5. Volunteer.  Don’t know how you could help?  Read the Descriptions of Volunteer Roles and then Sign-up to Volunteer (on Konstella, new this year!)


Questions, contact Talent Show Team.



Christine Klenow