Two Community Parties this week!
Mon, Oct 30 5:32pm
Room 27 - Agustina Lodoen

Hello Escondido Community,


A quick reminder that there is still time to sign up for the Crawloween and Mai Tai, My Tennis community parties this week! Please  check out  and sign up to attend. Community Parties are open to ALL Escondido families and  a great way to get to know other Escondido families outside of the school setting. 


Escondido, is one of the largest elementary schools in our district, these fun social events enrich our children's school experience.  So we invite you to take a spin!


Click on the link for details and to signup for an upcoming party. This link will take you to a google sheet, each tab at the bottom is a link to a different party that you can sign up for, (


Please note that these parties are for Escondido Families only, other restrictions might apply, please read the descriptions carefully!                  


Upcoming Parties:               

October 31st       Crawloween in PA      

November 2nd    Mai Tai, My Tennis


If you would like to HOST a party please fill out this form (parties can be as simple as a walk around The Dish, a meet up at a cafe near by, a visit to a local attraction...):                  


A few notes to keep in mind, these events are open only to Escondido Families, do not share the links above with people who are not part of our school. These are community building events and not a fundraiser for the PTA. Hosts may ask for a suggested donation to help cover their costs. 


If you have any questions/suggestions please email Melissa Graney


Thank you and Party On!

Melissa, Matt, Mora