Urgent Attention - Please Read
Fri, Feb 8 2:26pm
Escondido Elementary

Escondido Families---


Have you heard about the Stanford General Use Permit?  


Do you value the teacher to student ratio of Escondido and PAUSD?


Do you utilize and appreciate the support services offered at Escondido and PAUSD?  For example: reading specialists, counseling services, music, art, after-school care, to name just a few.


The Stanford General Use Permit currently under negotiation can affect all of the above at Escondido.  


To learn more about how you can make your voice heard, please read below...



Stanford proposes to add hundreds of students to PAUSD - who may all live in

Stanford-owned property tax-exempt rental homes - in the new 2018 General Use Permit (GUP) now being negotiated with Santa Clara County.  

  • PAUSD faces millions of dollars in annual budget shortfalls, causing increased classroom sizes, program cuts, and teacher / staff layoffs.
  • PAUSD has no neighborhood school for these Quarry Road students.

In the past, Stanford paid funds to PAUSD to educate unfunded students and sold PAUSD land for schools.  

We ask Stanford to continue the great partnership and fully mitigate the impacts on our schools of the GUP development.  Click here to the PTAC FACT SHEET and PAUSD BRIEFING BOOK to read more. Click My Cause  has messages you can click immediately and send to Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors.  

PLEASE DO NOT WAIT.  Waiting may adversely impact your child's classroom size, teachers and aides, and the quality of PAUSD education that we sacrifice so much for.  

ACT NOW before decision are made in March.

Message the County and Stanford:

  1. iPhone Users: speak up with two taps on the Click My Cause app, select Palo Alto PTA Council.  
  2. Sign a petition at https://tinyurl.com/yba8ycym.  


Questions, email Jade Chao at president@paloaltopta.org