Virtual Science Fair - NOW posted on SCHOOLOGY, easy access to templates, instructions, and resources
Fri, May 22

The Science Fair team is excited to inform you, the Virtual Science Fair---instructions, resources, and templates now are on SCHOOLOGY!


Your student can find the announcement from Silvia and the links posted on the Schoology Home page with Recent Announcements, as well as on their Classroom's Course page.  


Thank you for those who informed the team of the technical challenges with the initial post.  We appreciate your patience as we are all learning. 


Now with the Virtual Science Fair Folder on Schoology, the students can manage their projects more easily from start to finish. 


Get-Started:  log-on to PAUSD, launch Google, launch Schoology, click on Virtual Science Fair Folder---Instructions, Details, Resources, and Templates are all inside the Folder.  


Questions about the Virtual Science Fair contact