Walk & Roll Week at Escondido! October 9th- October 13th
Wed, Oct 4 8:56am
Escondido Elementary

Hello Escondido Community,


CELEBRATE WALK and ROLL TO SCHOOL WEEK with the Escondido Elementary School Community from October 9th through October 13th


Everyone is encouraged to participate! Walk, bike, scoot, skateboard to school and enjoy interacting with friends and neighbors along the way, get some exercise, and reduce traffic and air pollution. If you need any suggestions coming up with a safe route, please contact Kara Baker (kara.e.baker@gmail.com  or 650-380-1770) or take a look at this map of suggested routes

On Friday, October 13th, we'll be serving up a Walk and Roll breakfast in front of the MP Room, so please stop by on your way to class. We'll also be charting our modes of transportation and handing out prizes. 

Please feel free to contact Kara Baker (kara.e.baker@gmail.com or 650-380-1770) with any questions or to volunteer. And if you would like to donate any items for the Friday, October 13th breakfast, please sing up here