We Walked & Rolled today! Keep it up!
Mon, Oct 1 9:31pm
Escondido Elementary

Thank you Escondido community for Walking + Rolling to school this morning! We had an awesome turnout and a total of 202 students logged "how they got to school today" on our sticker chart. We had a total of 106 students walk, bike, scoot, or skateboard to school; 48 students came in carpools or on the bus; and 16 students walked part way.  The 2nd Grade came away with the honor of Escondido's Fall 2018 "Greenest Grade" for having the largest number of students use environmentally friendly and community orientated modes of transportation this morning.  The Kindergarteners and 4th graders came in a close second and third, respectively. 

A big thank you to all of the volunteers, bakers, and food donors that helped to make this morning's breakfast a success. A big "thank you" also goes to Izzy's for donating the bagels.  

Keep walking and rollin' to school all week (and beyond)!

The Escondido Walk and Roll Committee