Webmaster Needed for Escondido PTA - Training provided
Thu, Mar 14 6:29pm
Escondido Elementary

We are seeking a volunteer to take on Webmaster duties for the Escondido PTA website.  


A Webmaster Training will be held this Tuesday, March 19 at 10 am in Palo Alto.  It will be lead by the PTAC Tech specialist.  No prior experience necessary, we will provide training to you!


Please let me know asap if you are interested in contributing to Escondido in this way.  It is a wonderful opportunity to learn valuable website-building and management skills. 


Please contact me and I will provide you with the location address and details.


FYI, currently our volunteer webmaster, who has generously donated his time to us, does not even have a student at Escondido, in fact his kiddos in high school and college.  He will not be available beyond Spring Break.




Contact me at christine@klenow.net or 650-380-4367