What’s hot at the Escondido Book Fair?
Thu, Mar 4 8:50am
The online Escondido book fair is happening NOW through Saturday! Shop online here:
Use code ESCONDIDO during checkout and your purchases will raise money for Escondido!
You can also shop in-person at Linden Tree Books in downtown Los Altos, 12pm-6pm today and tomorrow, and 10am-4pm this weekend. Just mention Escondido when you’re checking out.
And here are some recommendations for Escondido families… (click the titles and category names for more)...
by David LaRochelle
A trio of hilarious stories about a put-upon dog. Winner of the 2021 Geisel Award for best book for beginning readers. (Ages 4+)
by Mac Barnett and Greg Pizzoli
Jack loves video games… but what happens when lightning strikes and he ends up INSIDE his favorite game? (Mac and Greg shared the first Jack books during a visit to Escondido last year.) (Ages 4+)
by Angela Dominguez
Stella is a shy Mexican-American girl who speaks up to make a difference in her community. With simple Spanish vocabulary and adorable artwork throughout. (Ages 6+)
by Jonathan Auxier
A clever, whimsical fantasy about Auggie, caretaker of stables for magical and odd creatures, on a mission to rescue a new creature. (Ages 6+)
by Tae Keller
The heartwarming story of a girl coming to terms with her grandmother’s illness by making a deal with a magical tiger. Winner of the 2021 Newbery Medal. (Ages 8+)
by James Ponti
Called a “must-read” by Stuart Gibbs, this adventure brings together five kids from around the world, each with unique skills, to stop a dangerous villain. (Ages 8+)
by Megan Wagner Lloyd
An adorable graphic novel about a girl with severe allergies who just wants to find the right pet. (Ages 8+)
by Tim Probert
Fans of Amulet will love this enchanting adventure that follows two unexpected companions looking for their families but finding each other instead. (Ages 8+)
by Robin Stevenson
The latest in this popular nonfiction series focuses on the true childhood stories of famous innovators like Grace Hopper, Walt Disney, and Elon Musk. Because before they were legends... they were kids! (Ages 8+)
by Jason Chin
With crisp illustration and intriguing science, this book introduces readers to the mind-boggling scale of the known universe(Ages 4+)
by Jaime Hernandez
A trio of Latin American folktales are given modern updates in this rich and colorful collection. (Ages 8+)
by Meg Medina
Merci navigates the challenges of being a scholarship kid at a private school and the expectations of and responsibilities to her intergenerational family. Winner of the 2019 Newbery Medal. (Ages 8+)
by Maggie O’Farrell
Magnificent historical fiction that imagines the life of Shakespeare’s family and the death of his young son, Hamnet. 
by Tom Stienstra
Every family needs an escape! Grab this book, jump in the car with the kids, and get ready for an adventure.