2nd Walk and Roll day on Nov 9th!
Mon, Nov 9
Fairmeadow Elementary
Join Fairmeadow in celebrating our annual tradition. Regardless if you are in distance learning or at school, consider walking, biking, scootering, and/or skateboarding to grab lunch, go to the park, run errands to show your Firebird pride!
Join the more than 6000 students throughout the school district who walk, scooter, bike, ride the bus, and carpool instead of solo driving to school to celebrate Walk ‘N’ Roll Week. Put air in those tires, lace up those sneakers, and Walk ‘N’ Roll!
Walk N' Roll celebration days at Fairmeadow are on Oct 26th + Nov 9th. 
For more information, take a look at Palo Alto’s Safe Routes to School Website.