A timely reminder..
Mon, Nov 15 7:37am

Good Morning All,

Two parents contacted me this morning advising they had received a request from me.

It especially happens at this time of year, but this is just another reminder for you to be cautious when you receive emails from “people you know” requesting you to help them with gift cards, cash collections etc.

Before you click or reply to any of these requests please just put your cursor over the senders email address to see if it is valid.

Any requests from the PTA or from myself would only be sent through Konstella.

This is the time of year for giving, there are 99% good people with good intentions, but unfortunately there are also the 1% of rotten eggs :(

If you receive a request from someone you know, call them, text them or send them a new email with the email address you have in your contacts.

If anyone receives a direct request from me via email please ignore and delete it :)

Thank you!