Additional call for 1 Palo Alto Volunteers
Thu, Jan 13 12:02pm

Hello Fairmeadow, 


We would like to thank all those that have already completed the volunteer form sent out by District to help support our schools on campus. We would also like to thank those that have already signed up for the areas that Fairmeadow have needs for at the moment.

Right now we are looking for help for the next 4 weeks, starting on Tuesday January 18th, with Light Custodian duties, Lunchtime Yard Duty, Kinder Yard Prep and COVID Clinic assistance. 

We could really do with help in the afternoons to help our Custodian James with wiping down the table tops in the classrooms, if we get enough people to help out it should take no more than 30 mins to complete this task.

If you think you might be able to spare some time to help out on our campus, please click on the link below from District and follow the registration process. Once you are registered for Fairmeadow in that portal, you will then be added manually to our Fairmeadow 1 Palo Alto Volunteer group and receive the sign up information for all volunteer opportunities.


Thank you once again for your support of our community & staff to keep our schools running!

Collette on behalf of PTA, our Principal and Staff