Discovery Day 2018
Mon, Apr 30 10:03pm
Fairmeadow Elementary

Discovery Day 2018


Share your SPARK on May 18th!


What is Discovery Day?

Every two years we invite parents to come to school to fill the morning with fun and games, crafts and activities, sports and science experiments!


We turn every available table-top into an activity launch pad, where parents and staff join together to share a hobby or activity with the children.  


Our team of awesome organizers is standing by, ready to help you pick an activity, or source materials - it’s so easy to join in!


If you don’t want to lead, please sign up as a volunteer there are plenty of activities that need your support!


Two years ago, we filled the school with games, craft, activities, and sports. The whole school was a-buzz with happy, busy children and parents, and we are excited to bring the whole wonderful event back for 2018. Don’t miss out!


What will you share?

Do you already have an idea? Perhaps you see something on our list of suggestions, or can we help you brainstorm? Or just sign up as a volunteer and we’ll find a table that needs your help.


List of suggestions:

Sign up online:


Need help signing up? (or find me on campus)



(Need reimbursement? Please ask our team - if necessary, the PTA can help with the cost of materials.)