Don't forget, it's Sun Smart Week!
Tue, Apr 10 2:34pm
Fairmeadow Elementary

Greetings Fairmeadow,


It is getting warm and sunny right? 
Well,  guess what? Sun Smart week is here again this week 4/9 to 4/13.
We have a few activities planned to help us all stay safe from the sun while we have fun outside. 
The Smart Banner is out by the Mitchel Park entrance to remind everyone of the UV index each day and what it means in terms of protection.
On Wednesday we will have a table by the office with little prices for those students wearing their hats to school and on Friday we will give prizes to those wearing hats and sunglasses for extra coolness!
- Hats and long sleeve tops and long bottoms to protect your skin are the best.
- Sunglasses look cool and also protect your eyes from the sun.
- Sunscreens lotions are also great if your skin is exposed to the sun.
- Seeking shade when possible and drinking lots of water.
Come by and show us how Sun Smart you are, and remember…we are Firebirds not Fried birds!!!!