Don't miss this fun and informative evening with Fairmeadow's own Christopher Gardner!
Wed, Nov 29 7:22am
Fairmeadow Elementary
Healthy eating made simple: deciphering labels and busting myths

— a talk by Christopher Gardner

Have you ever made a resolution to start eating healthier? Not sure where to start, or what to feed your picky kids? We’re faced with an often indecipherable barrage of health claims and warnings: low carb, low fat, high protein, omega 3 (flax or fish?), trans fats, high-fructose corn syrup, glycemic index (or is it glycemic load?), gluten free, Paleo. What does it all mean and what’s right for us?

Join us in the MP Room on November 29th at 6:30PM and learn from Fairmeadow dad Christopher Gardner, a PhD nutrition scientist and professor of medicine from the Stanford Prevention Research Center. Christopher is the father of Zachary (4th grade) and Joshua (7th grade) and the husband of Melissa Michelson.

Christopher will offer solutions and insights to your dietary conundrums with an engaging blend of science and humor.

Childcare will be provided for the elementary school-aged children of those attending, courtesy of the PTA. Please RSVP here by providing your name, email address and the amount of children who will be with you. For any questions, please contact Tracy Ballard-Tal (


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