Essential Walkathon Information - ONLY 4 DAYS AWAY
Wed, Oct 16 10:38pm

Hello everyone

Walkathon is only 4 days away.  

Here are some important links to have handy:

1.   Volunteer sign up sheet.  We need lots of help to make this a fun and successful event for the students.  Here is a link to the volunteer sign up sheet. Please donate some  of your time for this event.

2. A  pdf version of the Walkathon catalog with all the exciting parties.  You can browse through the catalog and have your list ready to sign up on Walkathon day.

3. Attached is a paper version of the Walkathon donation form you can use to register your child and hand in on Walkathon day.

We are trying to build excitement all week for the kids. We have the thermometer up showing the number of students registered for the principal's challenge.  If we have 300 participants all the students will get popsicles.  There are mysterious footprints around the school and the kids are patiently waiting to spot the school mascot.  There will be some other surprises at the end of the week.  

See you Sunday.