Fairmeadow led luncheon to support Barron Park
Tue, Jan 16 8:44am

Fairmeadow Teachers, Staff, and Parents,


Sadly, Barron Park Elementary recently lost a valued member of their faculty to an unexpected death. The community is grieving the loss, and Fairmeadow would like to provide a luncheon to help Barron Park teachers and staff.


The lunch is on Thursday, January 25th and will give the staff there an opportunity to come together, share a meal, and mourn the loss of their colleague.  Let's come together and support them! If you would like to contribute to a dish or other item to this luncheon, please click on the link below.


The theme is Comfort Food. Think warm, soul-soothing, homey dishes like soup, chicken pot pie, spaghetti, and mac and cheese. Or anything else you'd like to contribute! You could also bring one of the desserts or salads. The dish doesn't need to be homemade, store-bought is fine too!


Items should be brought to the staff room in the Fairmeadow main office by 11 am on Jan 25 and we will transport them to Barron Park. If you can help with transporting the food or help clean up afterward, please sign up:



Thank you so much for your help in taking care of the teachers at Barron Park.



Alena Villari and Nadia Priestley