Happy Earth Day!!
Thu, Apr 22 1:23pm

🌎 Happy Earth Day Fairmeadow!


This week, our kids are using the Kat Kid Adventure Post: Earth Day Edition in their classrooms to learn about and discuss Earth Day. Most of you might have seen the paper copy already, you can see the digital version here. Let us know if you’d like a physical copy!


We are also sharing the handy educators guide that has conversation starters and FAQs about climate change. Teachers are using it in the classrooms, but it’s also a good resource for eco conversations at home. If you’d like more resources about how to talk to kick start eco-conversations or action, just ask.


We have received great feedback from some of our teachers and students this week on both our Earth week program and the Kat Kid Magazine.  Ms.Smith was kind enough to share some of the feedback from her 1st graders with us(cuteness alert!) :


Lucas: Yay! I found 'trash'! It was the last one I couldn't find. I like the Word Search.
Matilda: This newsletter gets a thumbs up!
Sufy: The pictures on the back are funny. I found two dogs holding letters to the president!
Sid:  I really liked the maze.
Jovani: I'm working on the Word Search.
Sarai: I like the pictures. The jellyfish is silly.
Oscar: The Crossword was fun. I know what animal has the same name as a fruit, a kiwi!
Class brainstorming:
We're pretty good EcoChamps
We ride our scooters or bikes to school almost every day. 
We bring reusable water bottles, lunch bags, bento boxes and cloth sandwich wrappers. 
We're pretty good at recycling and composting.
We use hand-me-down clothes and give our toys to other kids when we're done with them instead of throwing them away. 
We LOVE animals and want to protect their habitats.



Don't Forget...

1. To have a conversation with your kids about Earth Day and our environment - they are the future champions for our planet!

2. Read or view at least one of the resources on our earth week program here.

3. Reduce, reuse & recycle at least one thing in your lives this week!

4. Have your child color the poster on page 6 of the magazine and bring it to Rick's Ice Cream Store to receive a cone for the cost of a cup and avoid paper & plastic waste! This offer is available for the month of April.

5. Did your child take part in the "Name that Scarecrow" request that Mrs.Wong sent out on schoology to all the students.

6. Check out our Fairmeadow garden. Did you see the new picket fence that Beth and her husband Trystan installed around our new Butterfly garden? All of the pickets were designed and painted by Fairmeadow staff, parents & students, do you recognize any of the characters?  

7. Did you know that Mrs.Easton released 3 Monarch butterflies into our Fairmeadow Garden last weekend and we had one come back for a visit to feast on the new plants in our butterfly garden area! See if you can spot one when you come to visit!



A huge thank you to the Fairmeadow PTA Green Team, for all of the work and effort you have put into creating our very first Earth Week: Team Leader Anu Ramamurty, Anjali Joshi, Beth Morris, Celia Rene-Corail, Collette O’Shea, Karen Easton, Roberta Von Pankow, Robin Kozina-Carlson. 


Ps. If you would like to get more involved with our Garden and/or Green Team please email Fairmeadowpta@gmail.com.  🌻♻️