Happy Weekend Fairmeadow!
Fri, Jan 22 6:21pm

Hello All,


Firstly, Happy New Year to you & your family from your Fairmeadow PTA!

Hoping the first two weeks of school have gone as smoothly as possible for you & your student/s.


To build on the uplifting messages put forward by our new President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris on Wednesday, let's all help lift each other up and take some positive steps forward, however big or small they may be!


Here are just some ways to spread some cheer and support your community!


1.  ❤️ 21-Day Equity Challenge - join the growing number of parents and staff in Palo Alto by taking part in this powerful opportunity to help us develop a deeper understanding of how inequity and racism affect our lives and our community. Let's LEARN together, register for free here now.


2. 🌱 One of our 4th Grade parents at Fairmeadow, Anu Ramamurty, has created a postcard writing campaign to thank President Joe Biden for rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement. More than 80 kids(and adults) from across the country have written positive messages about why they love their ENVIRONMENT to the President. The postcards will be mailed to the White House at the end of next week.  
If you would like to read some of the heartfelt  messages people have sent in or would like to take part in this initiative, please click on the link below and follow the straight forward instructions at the end of the page. The deadline for entries is January 27th. You can also reach out to Anu at anu@kattumarum.com : https://www.kattumarum.com/pages/dear-mr-president  


3.🙋Join our Fairmeadow PTA today! For just a small fee become part of a large organization focused on programs and initiatives that strengthen your childs education experience at both a local and national level.  Click here to join.


4.💡Need an excuse to meet and talk to other adults?! JOIN our Fairmeadow committees, we are looking for parents to help us with 5th grade year books, 5th grade graduation, fundraising, momentos for our students of this crazy year, plus much more! Got an idea? Let us know! Email us here.


5.🛒Cheer Cheer for Fairmeadow School! With these chilly days why not add that extra warm layer and show your Fairmeadow Spirit by getting a hoodie or a jacket from our Spirit store? You could also get a yard sign to show you are Fairmeadow proud and make those outdoor walks with your family more fun to find these signs in other gardens too! SHOP here now.


Don't forget to check out our Fairmeadow eNews on Sunday for more information on what's going on at our school and in our pausd community. Not receiving eNews? Request to join here


Thats it folks!


Have a good weekend!

Collette O'Shea

Fairmeadow PTA President