PTA NOTICES @ April 19th
Tue, Apr 19 8:37pm
 Important Dates:
Wednesday, April 20th
Math Night @ Fairmeadow
Friday, April 22nd
FP - Firebirds Dance Party
Saturday, April 23rd
FP - The Holi Party
Mon - Fri, April 25th- 29th
Spring Book Fair
Wednesday, April 27th
PTA General Meeting
Hello Fairmeadow!
Anyone else wanting to hit a pause button? Where are the days going?!!
Here are some reminders and notices for you for this week.
  • Be sure to join in the fun of our Math Night on Wednesday April 20th, 6-8PM in the MP room.
  • Sponsored by Mathnasium, they will provide all the fun games and puzzles for kids of all grade levels, plus lots of rewards and giveaways for participating also!
  • Our thanks to Fairmeadow parent Estelle Z for coordinating this FREE, fun and engaging event for our school.
  • If you or your 7th Grade or older student would like to volunteer to help, please reach out to Estelle. (3 community service hours available for high schoolers).
🌈Chalk the Walk & Walk ‘N’ Roll! 
Well done to all that were able to bike or walk that little bit extra on a wet Thursday morning for our Walk ‘N’ Roll day, hopefully it inspired people to try to do it more on some of our beautiful sunny days too :) Huge thanks to all the parents and students that helped Chalk the Walk the evening before! 
A Special shout out to the following Firebirds : David - Rm 7; Daniel - Rm 12; Beatrice - Rm 16; Miles - Rm 3 and to two Fairmeadow alumni Lia & Jack. 
Be sure to check out these creative artists handiwork HERE! Our thanks to our fabulous SRTS rep Rachel Panizzo for coordinating both events. 
What’s happening for Earth Week at Fairmeadow? Glad you asked! 
  •  Flip The Switch Challenge - We are at 1320 flips! We're excited to see students dropping off their weekly Flip the Switch tracker sheets! 
    • The Challenge has been extended till April 22, EARTH DAY. 
    • Attached HERE is the tracker for WEEK 3. Download and print it and let's meet our goal of 2500 flips! 
    • There is still time to make a difference, every “Flip of the Switch" counts! Kids who participate will be treated to an Earth Day party on Friday. Physical copies will be available at school, as well. 
  • All our students received a copy of the Kat kid Adventure Post on Friday.
    • Packed with news and inspiring stories from around the world, it's a fun way to have some meaningful eco-conversations with our kiddos -- don’t forget to enjoy the games and puzzles with your kids.
    • Also check out page 6 for local Gunn HS student Katie R, who presented the Flip the Switch Challenge at our Fairmeadow assembly.
  • Monday at our Noon Tables we hosted a special Earth Week craft. Check out the notice board by the front office for just some of the thoughtful messages and creations from our K-5 students.
  • Our immense thanks to our own Green warrior Parent Anu R for coordinating all of the above and for being such a great advocate for our planet!
  • ** FAIRMEADOWS YOUNG ECO WARRIORS! Our thanks to all of our Green Team and Educators at Fairmeadow for their advocacy efforts. A conversation in Mr.Gutierrez’s class, sparked the interest of a group of young 3rd grade students and provided them with a call to action at Fairmeadow. Please read this fabulous presentation “Fairmeadow Litter Control created by Sasha, that highlights what actions both she and her friends Alice, Jasmine, Audrey, Yiwen, Izel, Eitan and Ameya are doing to make a difference.
Our FUNdraising parties so far have been great, we have just a few more parties to choose from so be quick!! Our thanks to the parent and teacher hosts for creating such memorable events for our students while supporting our school!
• Click HERE for our upcoming parties now!! 
•  Reserved Parking Spot! Would you like to take the stress out of parking for drop off and pickup especially in the colder months? Be sure to throw your name into the hat for a chance to win next school year’s parking spot from August - December 2022 HERE. Winner will be announced at our General PTA meeting on April 27th. Good luck!! ! 
By now I’m sure lots of you have received your special PINS from Afshan’s pop up last Wednesday and also at our Parents coffee. These are beautifully crafted and high quality items! 
  • Keep as a memento of your time at Fairmeadow or you could give it as a gift to an older sibling, a friend, an alumni, a teacher or staff member.
  • CLICK HERE NOW TO ORDER!! This will take you directly to our Fairmeadow parent Afshan’s Etsy shop.
  • The price per pin is $10 and 50% of the profit from each firebird pin sold will go to the PTA fund. 
  • The pin is 1” in size, gold plated and can be pinned on bags, jackets, backpacks and 
  • Our thanks to all the Noon tables volunteers who have brought smiles of joy to so many students hosting our lego and craft tables each Monday! Plus all the volunteers showing up for Garden Club too! We are so fortunate to have a very busy campus at Fairmeadow with lots to engage and educate our kids between school and PTA activities!
  • If you have an hour or more to spare please check out all available volunteer opportunities HERE now! 
    • Our nominating committee are looking for next years PTA Board members and Key volunteers to continue PTA’s work at Fairmeadow. Please consider getting involved to continue the advocacy PTA brings to our community - our students, our families, our staff and our school. YOU can make a difference, get involved and be part of this rewarding, huge support to our students educational experience. 
    •  If you are interested in any of the open positions listed here, either on the Board or for any of the other key roles, please add your name on the spreadsheet or sign up on this form and the nominating committee will reach out to you soon. 
    • If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me or other nominating committee members (listed below). We are happy to help! Nominating committee members: Mari Ueda-Tao, Daniela Villagomez, Anjali Joshi, Min Zhu, Sophie Che. Thank you! Sophie - On behalf of the nominating committee.
  •  We will be collecting used-up markers, crayons and pens until April 30th and passing them along to Ohlone's Green Team. 
  • There is a collection box at Fairmeadow's front office, now is the time to clear out those adhoc drawers and coloring sets that you have been putting off dealing with! Feel good about donating those items that are no longer of use to you, being recycled properly. 
So lovely to see so many of you at our last Parents coffee of this school year on Friday afternoon! Don’t worry we will still have lots of opportunities to meet up again at our other upcoming events! Be sure to add them to your calendars!
  • Spring Book Fair - April 25th to 29th
  • PTA General Meeting - Voting in our New Board for next year! Wednesday April 27th 
  • Fairmeadow Mural Painting - Saturday April 30th
  • Staff Appreciation Week - May 2nd to May 6th
  • Fairmeadow International Night - Friday May 20th
🇺🇦UKRAINE CRISIS : Our thoughts and prayers are with all the innocents caught up on both sides of this crisis. 
As always if you have any questions please email us at: 
Thank you for being so supportive of our community, 
Collette & Team