Tacolicious Fundraser: Mondays in February
Tacolicious, 632 Emerson Street, Palo Alto
1 day before
Tacolicious Restaurant Nights
Mondays in February, 632 Emerson Street
Every Monday in February, Tacolicious will donate 15% of their proceeds to Fairmeadow Elementary School. Please come out and support our fundraising efforts with Tacolicious. Here are the ways we can raise funds:
  • Monday dine-in or pick-up lunch or dinner.
  • Monday catering. Support Fairmeadow by having a taco bar delivered to your next meeting or event on one of your Mondays. To qualify for delivery, orders must total $500 or more. Email schoolproject@tacolicious.com to book your delivery.
  • Monday parties. Host a large group in any of our private dining rooms! You must book ahead through schoolproject@tacolicious.com and mention that the party is to support the TSP.
  • Gift cards. Purchase gift cards on Mondays and encourage recipients to use them on Monday as well. Double the funds!
  • T-shirts and cookbook. Buy great holiday gifts for family, friends and beloved teachers.
  • Monday pick-up of MF Chicken. Pick up a Rocky free-range rotisserie chicken
Thank you to Audrey Gold, Kory Cogdill and the Palo Alto Chamber of Commerce (Iris Chen) for putting this together.