Volunteers still needed for Measure Z!
Mon, Oct 8 6:00pm-8:30pm
Fairmeadow Elementary

Hi Families,


As we mentioned in a message last week, each PAUSD school has been asked to help with one night of phone banking for the YES-on-Measure-Z Campaign. Our phone bank night is tomorrow (Monday). So far we only have two volunteers signed up.

Volunteers will be calling a list of voters to see if the voter supports Measure Z, and answering any simple questions from a prepared FAQ. The volunteers are not responsible for turning any "no" voters to yes - just thank them, log their position and move on. Volunteers arrive at 6, get training material and talk through the material with a member of the campaign team.

Phone outreach starts at 6:30 and goes for 2 hours. Dinner will be provided to volunteers. You do not need to be a registered voter to help with this. Staff and teachers can phone bank too!  Here are the details:


PHONE BANK is October 8th from 6-8:30pm at Coldwell Banker, 630 Ramona St. Sign up here 


Questions about tomorrow evening’s phone bank? Contact Claire Kirner (kirnerclaire@gmail.com)


Here is more background info on Measure Z:

This election season, Bond Measure Z will be on the ballot. A YES vote on this upcoming bond measure is very important to PAUSD. There is $460M of funding for our schools at stake.

Measure Z funds will continue PAUSD facility improvements by enhancing school security and upgrading classrooms and labs to meet 21st-century instructional standards.  If approved by 55% of voters, this measure would provide locally-controlled funding for school improvements, including:

  • Ensuring  school  facilities  are  accessible  for  students  with  disabilities  and  equitable  for  all
  • Upgrading  schools  to  current  seismic  safety  standards  to  keep  students  safe  in  the  event  of  an  earthquake
  • Completing  needed  repairs  at  school  facilities
  • Increasing  school  safety  and  security,  such  as  fire  alarms,  door  locks  and  emergency  communication  systems  to  bring  security  systems  up  to  current  standards
  • Providing  classrooms  and  labs  to  support  up-to-date  science,  technology,  engineering  and  robotics  instruction
  • Providing  up-to-date  facilities  to  maintain  outstanding  performing  and  visual  arts  programs