2019-2020 -- A Few of My Favorite Things (from Farrand Staff)
Fri, Oct 18 8:30am

Farrand Families --


One of our PTO parents was kind enough to print, collect and organize the "A Few of My Favorite Things" project for our Farrand teachers and staff.


Each teacher and staff member were asked to fill out this sheet so that parents in the classroom would know a little more about them - making it easier for gifts and classroom needs throughout the year.  Not all teachers / staff members filled out a form - if we get more we will add them to the bunch (some staff members prefer not to fill out a sheet).


A big thank you to the PTO parent that put this together - it's appreciated! 


Take a look at sheets - our teachers work hard everyday to help our children learn and grow.  Think about sending in a small "thank you for everything you do" classroom gift randomly throughout the year.  Everyone likes a surprise now and then!