Color Run Support - Fall 2022
Wed, Aug 17 4:38pm

The Color Run is coming back to Farrand this fall! It is our biggest fundraiser for Farrand.

During the month of September, students will be asked to raise money and collect donations from friends and family. Then they will participate in a COLOR RUN on October 6th! There is no need to wait until September, you can start collecting today!

Your child could call relatives- aunts, uncles, grandparents and ask for donations, they could have a lemonade stand, bake sale, garage sale, collect and return pop cans, offer to help a neighbor with yard work, etc. Look for a post soon where you can share what your child plans to do this summer to raise money or what they have already done, and they’ll be entered to win a prize! All money raised goes directly to serving our students.

Thank you for your support!