Eats & Sweets Plymouth :: Farrand Shake Part 2
Sat, Feb 20 7:42pm
Farrand Families...I have some AWESOME news and some not so awesome news....
I know that many of you planned on going to tomorrow to get your specialty "Farrand Shake" (or other goodies) - but Bonnie and her team just informed me that they SOLD OUT of the Farrand Fox cookies!!
When we planned this event, we NEVER would have guessed we would have BLASTED through 36 cookies in one day. Eats & Sweets Plymouth will still offer the "Farrand Shake", but instead of the fox cookie there will be a whole chocolate chip cookie in the shake.
So please don't change tomorrow's plans - stop by Eats & Sweets Plymouth to check out the "Farrand Shake Part 2" and the many other treats they have to offer. Might I suggest the "Trainwreck Shake"...
Again - thank you Farrand community for supporting small businesses AND our Farrand Foxes!
EDIT**-- As long as you show the flyer - Farrand will receive 15% back on ALL purchases.