Mon, Sep 21 8:02am

Robocall 9/20/2020


Good evening Farrand Families, Mrs. Washington here with your school and District updates.


If you do not have your student’s Curriculum and Supply To Go Bags please contact Mrs. Walker at 734-416-7820.


I enjoyed visiting the Zoom class meetings this week. The children are respectful and active participants in the live lessons teachers are providing.  


Thank you parents for your support and effort in getting your students ready for learning during the school week. Student attendance has been amazing.


District Updates


  • Even though we are in virtual mode, we are still taking attendance and need parents to call in absences. P-CCS has added the option for parents to report an absence in Parent Portal.  Once a parent has logged into their Parent Portal account, a link to “Report Absence” will be available at the top of the screen beginning at 9:00 p.m. on September 18..


The Report Absence link will open a screen for parents to complete. The parent checks the name of the student for whom an absence is being submitted.  If the parent has multiple students, they will all be listed on this page and the parent will be able to select the student for whom the absence is being submitted.  The parent also enters the applicable dates.  


If the parent checks the “All Day” flag, attendance will be submitted for all periods on the dates provided.  If the parent does not check the “All Day” flag, times must be entered and attendance will be submitted for whichever periods meet during the time range.  Please be aware that parents can submit absences two days prior and two days forward.  Parents will need to contact the student’s school to report any extensive absences.


For step-by step instructions, please click on this link:   http://links.pccsk12.com/parentreportedabsences


  • P-CCS Community Education Fall Registration is now open. Community Education is looking forward to sharing a variety of new youth and adult enrichment and fitness classes with you this season. Online registration is OPEN for both outdoor and virtual courses that are starting in September. Visit us at pcceregister.com for more information and frequent updates. New classes will be added throughout the fall, so visit our website often to view courses that are coming soon. You also can sign-up for Community Education e-notifications atpccsk12.com to receive program updates. You also can “Like Us” on Facebook@PCCSCommEd.


That is all for now. Thank you for listening. Remember an email will follow this call. Stay safe and be well.