Mon, Sep 28 8:30am

Robocall 9/27/2020


Good evening Farrand Families, Mrs. Washington here with your school and District updates.


Thank you to our Farrand foxes and their families for a fabulous week of learning. Our students are adjusting to the fact that the expectations for live Zoom are the same as face to face in person school. The students are doing a great job of listening, raising their hands to get permission to talk  and then muting themselves and staying engaged during learning.


Parents, if you did not pick up your student’s belongings during the spring pick up, please call the office to make arrangements to do so.




A message from our Media Specialist...


Farrand Elementary is pleased to provide a free electronic library through the Sora App.  Throughout the next few weeks, your student will be assisted with their first log on during their library special.    In your student’s media center module on Canvas, there will be step by step instructions for both Ipads and Chromebooks.  The attached letter will give you more details. Please contact Mrs. McCoy via email if you have any questions.  We are committed to giving students 24/7 access to ebooks and audiobooks.  


Happy Reading!


Please read the parent letter below...




Now for District news…


As we near the end of the first month of this very different school year, the P-CCS administrative team is working hard to get you all the information you need, when you need it. We understand, however, that you may have concerns that cannot be answered without talking to a member of our staff.  In almost all cases, the most effective method for raising concerns or receiving answers to questions is to contact your student’s teacher or building principal directly. This will allow for more timely responses, and for the people closest to your student to evaluate the situation.  

Families should use theDirectory of School Administrators to contact their building principal. If after allowing time for a thoughtful and researched response, families still do not feel their concerns have been addressed, district officials have produced a convenient flow chart with contact information.  Please be aware that the virtual start to the school year has produced a larger than normal number of emails and phone messages for district staff to return. Please know that your concerns will be addressed as soon as possible.

  • P-CCS teachers and administrators have been made aware that some students are experiencing issues during remote learning that require them to re-authenticate their Zoom accounts. Students are encouraged to check that their zoom account is authenticated daily (or when prompted by Zoom for authentication) to ensure easy access to remote learning.

Students who are experiencing issues with Zoom should complete the following steps:

  1. Open an internet browser (Chrome) tab

  2. Enterwww.zoom.us in the search bar

  3. Click on SIGN IN (upper right-hand side, blue lettering)

  4. Scroll down to the bottom - it will say sign in with google

  5. Click on "sign in with google" and log in using their PCCS credentials

  6. Go back to their google account and go to their apps launcher (the waffle) and click on Canvas to go to your courses' Canvas zoom links

  • Parents who attend P-CEP athletic events as spectators are not allowed to stand or park along the gates in order to see competition.  You must pay admission and sit in designated, physically distanced seating in order to view an event.  Anyone standing or parked along a venue gate will be asked to leave by P-CEP Security staff. Spectator limits, which are set forth by the Michigan High School Athletic Association and the State of Michigan, will be strictly enforced.

  • Even though we are in virtual mode, we are still taking attendance and need parents to call in absences. P-CCS has added the option for parents to report an absence in Parent Portal.  Once a parent has logged into their Parent Portal account, a link to “Report Absence” will be available at the top of the screen.

The Report Absence link will open a screen for parents to complete.  The parent checks the name of the student for whom an absence is being submitted.  If the parent has multiple students, they will all be listed on this page and the parent will be able to select the student for whom the absence is being submitted.  The parent also enters the applicable dates.  


If the parent checks the “All Day” flag, attendance will be submitted for all periods on the dates provided.  If the parent does not check the “All Day” flag, times must be entered and attendance will be submitted for whichever periods meet during the time range.  Please be aware that parents can submit absences two days prior and two days forward.  Parents will need to contact the student’s school to report any extensive absences.


For step-by step instructions, please click on this link:   http://links.pccsk12.com/parentreportedabsences


Remember, there is NO SCHOOL on Friday, October 2, 2020.


That is all for now. Thank you for listening. If I can help with your concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at 734.5826943. Stay safe and be well.