Farrand Families -- Color Run Volunteers Needed!!!
Mon, Jul 29 2:36pm

A message from our Color Run Team!!


We are looking for parents to help with the t-shirts that we use for the Color Run. There are two volunteer opportunities available:
1. Shirt Sorting Prior to the Event: Pick up the t-shirts from Farrand sometime before September 20th. The shirts are already sorted according to size. We will provide a list of how many sizes are needed per classroom. We need someone to put together bags for each class and deliver the bags to each classroom the morning of the event, September 27th. 
2. Cleaning the Shirts after the Event: Pick up the t-shirts from Farrand the afternoon or evening of September 27th. Take them to the laundry mat (Spotless Laundry - you will be reimbursed by the PTO for these charges). Deliver them back to Farrand once they are clean.
If you can help with either of these jobs, please contact Emma Kelley at Emma0781@gmail.com
Thank you!!