Farrand Families :: PTO Meeting Tuesday, November 12th at 7pm in the GYM!! :: Meeting will cover report card changes and the proposed bond and facility study of Farrand Elementary!!
Fri, Nov 8 8:55am

Farrand Families -- please mark your calendar for the next PTO meeting on Tuesday, November 12 at 7pm.
This is an important meeting - the curriculum director Deirdre Brady will be at the meeting to discuss the changes in the report cards that we will see this marking period - and we will have information to share regarding the proposed bond coming up and facility study of Farrand Elementary.
These are all POSITIVE and GOOD things that are happening and we want to make sure we keep our Farrand families informed. We hope to see you there!
**We will be meeting in the gym so that we have more seating - we will also have NJHS students available to watch Farrand students during the meeting if needed**