Farrand Media Center :: Making learning fun with the ability to be hands-on is the base for developing a lifetime love of continued learning!!
Wed, Jan 22 9:46am

Check this out!  The Media Center just received this light board for the Farrand students to enjoy!


The goal of the light board is for students to use the design process to develop creations and test if they meet the challenge (design a tree, have lights fade in and out, try new colors from the light board - then redesign if necessary.


The students will use the design process:  Ask, Imagine, Plan, Create, Test and Improve.  This process is the underlying base of all technology lessons in Media Center program - something that Mrs. McCoy and her team have been working hard at all year.


Thank you Mrs. McCoy & team -- and THANK YOU Farrand families!! All of this is possible because of your outstanding support and fundraising for our Farrand students.