Farrand Midweek Parent Communication September 10, 2020
Thu, Sep 10 2:40pm

Parents, don't forget that your students have the opportunity to choose from the specials schedule activities during the afternoon. Friday is the last day for teacher meetings with students and parents. The link for the menu of activities is below...


Special Class Lessons for the week of Sept



District Updates follow:


Farrand Midweek Parent Communication September 10, 2020


Thank you Farrand families for a successful start of the school year. When it is safe, we will celebrate the opportunity to enjoy face to face instruction. Parents, if you have not received directions for picking up your school and curriculum ‘to go bags’, please contact me. Parents who attended the ‘meet the teacher’ have already received their ‘to go bags’.The curriculum ‘to go bag’ contains the math journal, science notebook and other material needed for remote learning. Please read the District information below.

  • Now that the school year has officially begun, your student can no longer change his or her remote learning decision. Due to staffing and scheduling restraints, particularly with the Virtual Academy, the district cannot make any changes. The next chance to switch your remote learning choice will be at the end of the trimester (December 4).


  • Virtual Academy students having trouble with their Zoom connection should first contact their teacher. If your teacher can’t solve your problem, she or he can get you to someone who can do so quickly. This information also may help:

    • To Access ZOOM

On Windows, Macs, and Chromebooks

  • Go tohttp://zoom.us

  • Select Sign In

  • Select Sign in with Google

  • Enter your district Google account information


  • Use the Google Apps Launcher (aka Waffle) to locate and launch the app

On District iPads

  • Launch the Zoom app

On Personal iPads/iOS and Android Devices

  • Download the Zoom App from the app store

  • Launch the Zoom app

Please note, in some cases, a link to a Zoom meeting may be posted in a student’s Canvas course, so a student may have to log into their Canvas account to locate and/or join a Zoom meeting.

More information and district resources can be found on theP-CCS Home Learning Hub website.


  • If you have a school-of-choice student and you do not live in Plymouth or Canton, you can still get access to online resources from the Plymouth or Canton Public Libraries. The first step is to get a library card from your local public library, if you don’t already have one. Most libraries have reciprocal agreements so your card should work at the Plymouth or Canton Public Libraries.  In addition, most libraries offer the option of online card registration, so getting your student access should be fast and easy.