Farrand Robocall November 1, 2020
Sun, Nov 1 7:44pm

Farrand Robocall November 1, 2020


Good Evening Farrand Families, 

Mrs.Washington here with your weekend updates


Daylight Savings Time begins at 2 A.M. on Sunday, November 1, 2020. 


A federal grant provides breakfast and lunch to all of our students. Some students have shared that they do not want to take the food home. If you do not want the food sent home, please contact the classroom teacher and opt out of the take home meals. Otherwise the food goes to waste.


Tuesday, November 3, there is no school for students in grades K-12. Teachers will be involved in Professional Development all day.


Our students have been doing an amazing job of ‘face to face’ learning in this pandemic. They remember their masks, to distance when walking in a group, and to sanitize their hands when entering the school or entering the bus. Classroom instruction is maximized with classrooms of no more than 13 students during the morning or afternoon.


Now for District News:


  • The Wayne RESA regional enhancement millage renewal is on ballot next Tuesday, Nov. 3.  The original millage was passed by voters in 2016 to provide financial support for local districts faced with state budget cuts – allowing them to promote safety, prepare students for jobs and provide world-class programming for both special education and general education students. Each district in Wayne County has used the enhancement millage to improve schools in a variety of ways, including lowering class sizes, improving technology and security, adding valuable STEM and career education programs, improving facilities, and attracting talented teachers . Please visit the Wayne County Enhancement Millage page on the P-CCS website to learn more about this important millage renewal at:https://www.pccsk12.com/Home/Components/News/News/22256/19?backlist=%2F


  • There were two very important Board of Education meetings this week that covered the possible return of middle and high school students to in-person learning.  There was a Board Workshop on Monday, October 26 to specifically hear a presentation from the administration reviewing options.  On Tuesday, October 27, the Board of Education voted on a plan to revisit the idea of returning secondary students to in-person learning at the end of the first semester in late January of 2021.  To view either of these important meetings, please visit the district’s Official YouTube channel at:https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=pccs+official