Farrand Robocall/Email September 5, 2021
Mon, Sep 6 8:05pm

Farrand Robocall/Email September 5, 2021


Good Evening Farrand Families, Hello Farrand Foxes


Mrs. Washington here with your weekend updates.

On Tuesday, the first half day of school begins at 8:55 a.m. and ends at 12:01. Thank you to our parents and students who were able to attend Open House on Wednesday. What an opportunity to meet new friends and renew friendships with friends from the previous school year. 


Thank you to our dedicated Farrand parents who came to help with weeding and maintenance of our school grounds this summer. It takes a village and the Farrand Community certainly is a supportive village.


Bus students, we resume our cafeteria bus line up. When your bus arrives, you will be called to meet your bus in front of the school. I will be there to make sure you get on safely.  Boys and girls, do not forget to walk on the fox tracks when boarding so that we are clearly out of the path of the big busses.


See you on Tuesday and remember to wear your masks on the bus and inside of the school. 


Thank you for listening


And now for District News:


Please be assured that we will continue to monitor local transmission data and trends and stay in close contact with the experts at the Wayne County Health Department.  And no matter what direction the pandemic takes in the coming weeks and months, we remain ready to pivot in order to keep everyone safe.  Our goal is to provide in-person learning for the entire year and we believe this new mask mandate from the county gives us our best chance to do just that.

  • Plymouth-Canton Community Schools has an opt-out policy for students and families who wish to not have their images used in school- and district-wide media, including the district website, district and school social media outlets, as well as external media outlets such as newspapers and online publications.

Please download and complete the form below if you wish to have your student(s) opt-out of the above uses. You can email the completed form to:

  • E-Mail: Nick Brandon, P-CCS Executive Director of Communications at nicholas.brandon@pccsk12.com

  • Mail: Nick Brandon, P-CCS Executive Director of Communications, 454 S. Harvey St., Plymouth, MI, 48170

  • In-Person Drop-Off: E.J. McClendon Educational Center, 454 S. Harvey St., Plymouth, MI 48170


Although meals are free, it is still important to complete the free and reduced application.  The application supports other funding in areas of education, including discounts for pay-to- play, access for computer WIFI, college application fees and standardized testing fees.

Please note: a new application must be submitted each school year.

Questions about the free or reduced meal program or application? Call 734-416-7702.

  • Food shortage and supply chain are nationwide issues, and our district cafeterias also may experience unavailable items or last minute replacements.  While we will do our best to ensure consistency, menus are subject to change. We will do our best to notify you if there are any changes. Menus onpccsk12.nutrislice.com may not reflect these changes. If you have a concern, please contact your Cafeteria Manager to verify the menu of the day.