Reminder: Pick-up of Student Belongings Procedure
Tue, Jun 9 5:34pm

Reminder: Pick-up of Student Belongings Procedure


June 10 and June 11


We ask that parents write the student’s name on an 8 1/2 by 11 inch sheet of paper and display it on the passenger side window. There may be paras who won’t recognize the family. Parent pickup is only done in CARS.


  • In Cars, parents will pull in and go around the back circle, turn right and pull in around the bus circle to stop in front of the school by the office.

  • Parents will open their trunk from the inside of their car if possible. 

  • Teachers/staff will place the bag of student belongings in the trunk.

  • Teachers/staff will remove items marked Farrand School as well as special items for the teacher.

  • As in the food distribution process teachers/staff will not touch parent cars.

  • If your trunk cannot be opened from the inside of the car, the bag will be placed on the ground near the trunk, staff will move back and parents will place the belongings in the trunk/car. Items (library books) to be returned to the school will be placed in a marked container.

  • Items for a specific teacher will be placed on a marked table.

  • Teachers/staff will be wearing personal protective equipment (gloves and mask) and will be practicing social distancing.


Staff are anxiously waiting to see students and wave goodbye for the summer.